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DOT HAZMAT Shipping Regulations are located in 49 CFR Parts 171-180, and adhere to the following: Check if the chemicals are being shipped or offered for shipment listed in the Hazmat table (49 CFR Subpart B, 172.101) Determine to ship Hazmat in small quantity or materials of trade Packaging (49 CFR 173) Markings (49 CFR 172.300) and Labels (49 CFR 172.400) Shipping Papers (49 CFR 172.200) Shipping Requirements for Dry Ice Shipping Requirements for Liquid Nitrogen


Hazardous Materials Background Information:

The hazardous materials shipper must meet the DOT's hazardous materials regulations (HMR), Markings (49 CFR 172.300) and Labels (49 CFR 172.400) o Proper markings and labeling on shipment containers are mandatory for shipping a hazardous material. Note that packages with improper or incomplete information will typically not be delivered to their destination. This could subject you to fines or imprisonment by the US DOT. In addition, such hazardous material packages that are involved in a spill or personal injury during transport can make you personally liable for the incident.

Labels and markings must be attached to or printed on the package and durable and printed in English. Any package containing a hazardous material must have the following:

• Name and address of shipper Name and address of receiver

• Proper shipping name - column 2 hazmat table

• Numeric hazard class and division - column 3 hazmat table

• UN/NA ID number (obscured and away from other markings) - column 4 hazmat table

• Packing Group - Column 5

• Choose proper label(s) from - Column 6 in hazmat table (Packages may have more than 1 label)

• Additional info if required (limited quantity, RQ)

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